How Do You Plan Infrastructure?

by Gastón Ramos

Sigo con la lectura del libro de Kent Y Martin, ahora quiero compartir on Uds. una parte del capítulo 10 titulada “How Do You Plan Infrastructure?”:

“When you plan in a function-oriented, such as we suggest, the obvious question is how to deal with infrasctuture. Before we can start building functionality we have to put together the distributed object messaging infranstructure components before you deliver any customer functionality.

This style of development is a common feature of the dead and dying projects we’ve seen-and we don’t think it’s a coincidence. Doing infrastructure without customer function leads to following risks:

  • You spend a lot of time no delivering things that are valuable to the customer, wich straints the relationship with with customer.
  • You try to make the infrastructure cover everything you think you might need, wich leads to an overly complex infrastructure.

Therefore, evolve the infrastructure as you build the functionality. For each iteration, build just enough infrastructure for the stories in that iteration. You won’t build a more complex infrastructure than you need, and the customer is engaged in building the infrastructure because she sees the dependent functionality as it’s evolving.”

Creo no hace falta agregar nada, sólo que estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dice.