Overtime doesn’t help.

by Gastón Ramos

Hace poco comencé a leer el libro “Planning Extreme Programming” de Kent Beck y Martin Fowler (dos grosos) leyendo el capítulo 7 hay un párrafo que me gustó mucho y quería compartirlo, paso a detallar:

“Overtime doesn’t help. Although in the very short term it does speed up the team, if you do it for any length of time you will get bitten badly. The big killer is motivation. It’s much better to have a motivated programmer work seven hours than a tired, distracted programmer work ten. Even if the programmers want to work long hours it’s not a good idea. Long hours make people tired, tired people make mistakes, and mistakes take time to fix. We’ve both gone into clients in the morning and spent all day chasing a bug that was put in a ten o’clock the previous night. Particularly with young Silicon Valley teams, where long hours are such an important tribal ritual,  we have to work hard to get people not to do overtime. If they really have no life, get them to play computer games in the evening instead. It’s much more productive to have castles mown by trebuchets than it is to slip bugs into complicated software.”

La verdad me encantó esta parte del capítulo, sobre todo por que en este último tiempo me he econtrado con varias personas que valoran el “overtime”  por más que ello no favorezca a que el sistema avance, y en lo personal trato de no trabajar fuera de hora o cuando estoy muy cansado.